My inspiration.

I never know how to answer this question. I feel like most people have this long list of amazing or truly great people or moments in time, but I honestly don’t have one single moment, person, or thing that inspires me. It’s more like a collective hodgepodge of small insignificant moments that struck fire in my soul, once upon a time. One of the biggest things is people watching. It sounds stupid, and kind of creepy, but watching people’s routines, or their actions, when they think they’re being lost in the crowd, is what I find interesting. It’s also the sweet, kind and terrible things people do when they think they don’t have to be held accountable for their actions. It makes the most confident, intelligent, or untouchable person seem human and relatable. That inspires me to never judge a person upon first glance.

Now for the obvious; books. I love how they connect people, either in love or conflict.  No matter what your life situation is, where you came from or what you’re going through, stories are there. They’re there to help, to inspire, and to help you escape from your life for a few hundred pages. I’ve seen how they change people, or stories live in their hearts for so long and how they bleed into their everyday life.  I can’t count the times a book has saved me from myself when times were dark. Every time I think about those moments where I felt so alone, or unconnected, I hunger to create something that brings someone else as much comfort as those books brought me



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