The weather has finally started to warm up here in the PNW so I thought I’d do a post on a fun little smoothie hack (Obviously, smoothies are my life). I’m probably not the first to think of this, but it’s still pretty cool!

So first of all, I bought a big thing of bananas, kiwis, and strawberries. I sliced them all up, laid them out on a  cookie sheet and stuck them in the freezer for a few hours (I left them in there for about two hours). They weren’t super frozen, but just enough that they weren’t smooshy. Next, I divided all my fruit into muffin tins!

IMG_0811I just layered everything in the tins (I love chia seeds so I added a half a tablespoon to each tin), topping off with my almond milk last before throwing them in the freezer overnight! You could use any liquid you want, I just prefer almond milk in my smoothies.


In the morning they were nice and solid.

IMG_0812I used a spoon to pop them out, setting a few aside to make a smoothie and put the rest in a big freezer bag to use for another day.

To use for your smoothie, just drop two disks into your blender with about a half a cup of your preferred liquid and blend! This makes about 12oz.


I hope you enjoyed this post!



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