This Savage Song by Victoria Schwab

This Savage Song by Victoria Schwab

Back in August of 2016 I received this book in my first Owlcrate box, and I am just now getting around to writing a review for it.

(If anyone is interested in signing up for Owlcrate, I highly recommend it. I’ve done a few subscription boxes before, but none of them were as fun and interesting as Owlcrate was. I wish I could receive them monthly, but I kind of need to save my money for when this baby comes.)


I was pleasantly surprised by this book; everything about it was so refreshing! I’m a sucker for paranormal/supernatural books, and this totally made it onto my list of favorites.

This story follows our two main characters, Kate Harker and August Flynn.

Kate Harker is a troubled young girl that is the daughter of the leader of V. City. She has bounced from boarding school to boarding school, in an attempt to prove to her father that she is strong enough to carry on the Harker name.

All August Flynn wants is to be human and to play his music, but when you’re considered one of three races of monsters that should be feared and controlled, that’s a little difficult.

Kate and August live in a city torn apart by the belief that one side’s belief is better than the other; one side believing in paying a governor to protect them from things that go bump in the night, while the other is willing to stand up and defend themselves. Monsters roam somewhat freely in this city, and as you dive deeper into this fast passed story, you’ll easily learn to discern the difference between the three types of monstrous creatures.

The Sunai: Who feed on the souls of sinners. You’ll become very familiar with the workings of these beasts, and they happen to be my favorite, mainly because of how they feed. They each have preference as to how they take a soul, but it’s almost always done through a beautiful melody.

Malchai: The more savage, animalistic, somewhat vampire-like creatures. Pretty much the attributes that you would expect for a monster.

Corsai: Who live in the dark and feed on your fear.

This book is fast paced, but never has a dull moment. I haven’t read much of Victoria Schwab, in fact I, unfortunately, hadn’t heard of her name until this book. She has a very strong writing voice, and knows how to keep a reader hooked, without needing to lean on overly dramatic love scenes or obvious bad guy schemes.

Something I loved about this book was the fact it was a dystopian style novel, with a hint of romance, with NO LOVE TRIANGLE. Say what?! Maybe this means the death of the ever so common cliché, and I am in full support of it.

To sum it up, if you enjoy an intense, plot driven young adult book that stands out from the rest, please pick this up; you won’t be disappointed! I will for sure be picking up her other young adult books (The Archived and The Unbound) as soon as I can, and will try to post my reviews soon.

Slight side note:

I heard there are more books in the series that have yet to be released, and there’s talk of turning it into a movie! That’s pretty impressive considering that the book has only been out since June of 2016.

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I’m a terrible writer.

I am, don’t you fight me one this! I seem to never be able to stick to a writing schedule, meet deadlines, and I get distracted by just about anything.

In my defense, there are two current excuses for this:

  1. (I personally think this is the best excuse) That’s right, we made an oops and now we’re going to bring another crazy, eccentric, weirdo to come and make his little mark on the world. I’m beyond excited for this new journey, and keep counting down the days until I can meet him! (yes, it’s a boy!)14067997_1423222314359060_8987412312024031791_o
  2. (This one is a bit more of a stupid excuse) A certain family member, whom I no longer welcome into my life ,will most likely find anything I write, be it fiction or not, and I don’t want them to know anything about my personal life. I know, it’s stupid, and I’m trying to work past this because I know it’s just holding me back.

With that being said, I’m going try and make more of an effort to actively post things. But I warn you, there’s a chance that they’ll be pretty much baby centered.

Until next time!